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По всем вопросам обращайтесь в кассу театра:
8 (499) 740 93 50
Касса работает ежедневно с 11:00 до 20:00 часов, перерыв с 14:30 до 15:00.
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The Vedogon’-Theatre is the first and only professional drama theatre established in Zelenograd, one of Moscow’s administrative areas. The founder and the artistic director of the theatre is Pavel Kurochkin.

“Vedogon’” is an old Slavic word, which means “a spirit of a living being”. The Vedogon’- Theatre sees it as its principal goal to evoke and keep up creativity in people. The repertory consists of plays by Russian and foreign classics, plays by contemporary authors and plays for children.

The theatre started its first season in autumn 1992 with a play “Of Nice Places, Sweet Dreams and Miserable Life” based on short s stories by P. Romanov, staged by Pavel Kurochkin.

On 23 March 1999 the Department of Culture of Moscow gave the Vedogon’ - Theatre the status of a state cultural institution. The company is financed from the budget of Moscow as well as by earned income and fund-raising.

The Public Supervisory Board of the Vedogon’-Theatre was set up in 2001. The current chairman of the Board is Anatoly Smirnov, Prefect of Zelenograd.

The Vedogon’-Theatre has its own theatre venue: a stage and a house with 108 seats.

The repertory company numbers 27 actors, who are graduates of the Shchepkin High Theatre School, the School-Studio at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre, the Yaroslavl Theatre High School.

The company has performed more than 40 plays since 1999.

The Vedogon’-Theatre has participated in numerous international theatre festivals in Turkey, Uzbekistan, Denmark, Germany, as well as in many cities of Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Pskov, Vyshniy Volochok, Bryansk, Veliky Novgorod, Ryazan’, Vologda, Novy Urengoy, Omsk, Vladimir).

Awards and prizes:

Artistic Director

Pavel Kurochkin (born in 1963) is one of the founders and the artistic director of Vedogon’-Theatre, Meritorious Actor of the Russian Federation, Professor of the M.S. Schepkin Higher Theatre School (Institute) associated with the State Academic Maly Theatre, Moscow Mayor’s award –winner (1995).

He has staged about 20 performances, among them:

Acting career:

Prizes and awards: